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Welcome to Michael Cetrulo's homepage, here you'll find information about myself, my services and contact details.

You can access my full CV at bit.ly/cv-michael-cetrulo as an online document or in PDF format here.

I also maintain a technical blog at blog.michael-cetrulo.com.


About me

I'm a Software Architect from Uruguay, currently working as an independent contractor and part of the Toptal network of freelancers.

I've been a speaker at several conferences including PyCon UY '12, PyCon FI '14 and PyCon BR & AR '15, I'm also an active participant of the local meetups and co-organizer of the Montevideo Freelancers Meetup.

As an Open Source enthusiast I've made small contributions to projects such as CPython, Apache Storm, Scrapy and a few others. There's also some personal projects that you can find on my Github account.

My work

For the most part of my career I've been involved on Web Development and Web-related projects such as Screen Scraping, APIs, etc. and even ventured on some DevOps tasks but my core skill is being a Full-Stack Web Developer leaning on the Backend side.

The last few years of my career I've got involved on BigData projects with frameworks such as Hadoop, Storm and some more and I'm now getting interested in some Machine Learning problems and technologies.

I'm proficient in the Python and Ruby programming languages, which are the ones I use more often; I'm also skilled on JavaScript, PHP and Java.

I'm interested in functional programming as well, having some knowledge of Erlang and Clojure.

My services

I'm offering my services as an independent contractor/consultant on an hourly basis through a legally registered company here in Uruguay.

I usually work full-time but I'm currently working on part-time projects due to other activities.

I'll be glad to adjust myself to the methodology of your company, for individuals I propose to work based on Sprints which are two-week units of work including: a planning session at the beginning to define the scope, a review at the end of the first week and a demonstration at the end of the second week.

After finishing a Sprint there will be seven days in which the results can be evaluated and bug reports can be submitted for the features covered in that scope, those bugs will be fixed without additional charges and new features and/or out-of-scope modifications will be included on the next Sprint and charged accordingly.


You can reach me via email at contact@michael-cetrulo.com to schedule a call, my Skype is samus_uy and my number is +598.99.564.670 here in Uruguay.

Note to recruiters

I'll be glad to receive any offers/proposals you'd like me to consider and I'll review each one however I'll only reply to those I want to discuss further, thank you.

On the web

Here's some other places where you can find me: